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Voyager 2 is a space probe launched in 1977 to explore Jupiter, Saturn and whatever lies beyond. In its long expedition, it has sent us images of things we never imagined, like active volcanoes on one of Jupiter’s moons and details of Saturn’s rings. By now, it has checked out Uranus and Neptune and is discovering brand new information about the universe as it moves further from the Sun. Every 24 hours, this curious cruiser manages to move 863,318 miles closer to… whatever is out there.


Fast Fact
Each hour Voyager 2 manages to move 863,318 miles closer to… what ever is out there.

It’s okay if you judge a book by its cover; we know you do it and we do too. We also know that the most beautifully printed piece can be completely ruined by shoddy binding, so we continue to deliver the same exceptional quality and consistency when it comes to putting your printed package together.

Whether your job calls for standard collating, stitching and shrink-wrapping or more complicated specialty presentations, our bindery department can and does deliver every day. No challenge is too great for us; our bindery specialists have years of experience and the requisite knowledge to work comfortably with some pretty unusual materials. We’ve created everything from company brochures delivered in sleek aluminum boxes to birthday invitations printed on cereal boxes, all done at a breakneck speed that would bring lesser printers to their knees.

So go ahead and send us your most complicated and intricate designs for product packages, sales collateral, mailers and company presentations. Or if you want some cool, new ideas for ways to communicate your brand personality, let us brainstorm with you. We can easily integrate your project’s structural and manufacturing requirements using cost-effective and cutting-edge materials that will make you stand out from your competition. Just don’t blink or you may miss the entire process.