Client Spotlight

H&W Printing has been a very reliable printer, they have always been very accommodating of our quick turnarounds and offer outstanding customer service. I have worked with our CSR for many, many years and can always count on him to personally keep an eye on our job and ensure it delivers on time, within budget and looks beautiful.
K&G Fashion Superstore has been an H&W Printing customer for over 10 years. For K&G, H&W still has a small company feeling. “As customers, we don’t feel like we get lost in the shuffle or are unable to talk to a representative,” says a K&G project manager. “I feel like I receive the personal attention that a small company can deliver with the speed and quality of work that a larger company provides.” For her company, this is the perfect combination. “I have Sarah and Adam on speed dial.” The close relationship with the representatives at H&W has allowed K&G to trust that the project will get done quickly and accurately.
When asked to name a word that comes to mind when thinking about H&W Printing, PGA TOUR Superstore stated “ALWAYS.” “They always get me out of a jam,” explains PGA’s procurement manager, since she knows the job will get done, no matter what. PGA can always depend on H&W Printing to help deliver what their company needs, which is why they’ve remained a loyal customer for over 7 years.

The Home Depot

“They are the only company that gets it done,” the project manager of associate communications at The Home Depot states. Describing the company as fast, reliable and convenient, she counts on H&W Printing to provide the high-quality materials that keep her loyal. “Their customer service goes above and beyond the norm,” she says. “No matter what time of day, I always receive a prompt reply to a question or quote.” She once sent an email to her account representative at 9:00 pm and received an email five minutes later. She was then able to immediately report to her boss. “H&W can perform no matter when,” she says, “which makes my job much easier.”

National Political Advisory Group

“H&W Printing always bails me out of a tight spot,” says the production manager of a national fundraising company. As production manager, he has had to deal with numerous printing companies and the headaches that come with them. When asked how it feels to work with H&W Printing, he stated, “There is a sense of confidence in every project. I know they will always get the job done. Even if there’s a mistake, it will always be taken care of.” That, combined with speed, quality and simple pleasure of doing business with them for more than 10 years, is what keeps him coming back.