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The existence of light is one of those things we rarely think about. We get up in the morning and the sun rises. In the evening, it sets. We can look up on a clear night and see stars. In reality, light is a wave, just like sound, that travels from one place to another. But unlike sound, which moves at a relatively slow 768 miles per hour, light is incredibly fast at 186,282 miles per SECOND! So while the sun is a whopping 93 million miles from earth, it takes just under 8.5 minutes for its light to get here.

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Light travels at a speed of 186,282 miles per second. Taking only 8.5 seconds for the light from the sun to reach the earth.

Sometimes you just want to go online to place your print, bindery or fulfillment order or have one place where you can see the status of all your print jobs at once. We get it. That’s why H&W Printing offers our clients a customized online storefront at no charge. This highly convenient, value-added service gives our clients a quick and easy means of getting a print order submitted, approved and processed. By using H&W’s Page Flex you can review and quickly manage all of your print orders from one screen. Whether it’s business cards for the new employee, stationary to communicate with your clients or template mailers to reach new audiences, Page Flex is ready when you are. Simply go online and order what you need. You can always call or email us too, but we are all about flexibility and efficiency to meet your needs. This system delivers on our promise of seriously fast in a way that few others can mimic.