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Is there a phenomenon more amazing and stunning than lightning? A typical bolt travels at 224,000 miles per hour, giving clear definition – and an immediate claim to exaggeration – to anyone who uses the phrase “lightning fast.” Over eight million bolts strike the earth in a 24-hour period, yet the odds of one striking you in any given year are only one in a million. We can’t control, predict or even completely understand it. The only thing we can do is admire in awe.

POP Signage

Fast Fact
Over 8 million lightning bolts strike the earth in a 24-hour period.

You can have the best prices or deals in town, but if no one knows about them, what difference does it make? That’s why powerful point of purchase displays and clear signage are vital to most businesses.

H&W can help you create the perfect signage to communicate a message that will wow your audiences and drive them to your location. Whether it is an in-store display, large scale banner, colorful static cling labels or eye-catching window graphics, we work tirelessly to ensure your creative ideas turn out exactly as you envision them, if not better.

Not only that, we are the only large scale UV printer in Georgia, allowing us to create signage that will last much longer than anyone else in the state can offer. So not only are we faster than those guys, they can’t begin to touch our quality, either.